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    What Makes FB Smileys So Cool

    You can ask this again and again and you are going to get the same answer. So what’s cool about the popular social networking site? The answer is your lovable smileys on facebook. They teach you the new age ways of looking at life. Ask the Facebook addicts and they will pipe in saying things are easier to say it with the Facebook smileys. Instead of wasting energy over picking the right kind of words one can actually express and continue doing so with Facebook smileys. Lovebirds can share their thoughts when words are scarce to express their emotions.

    Friends can make up after a hard broil, with funny smileys like 8-| 8| B-| B| for sunglasses to portray a cool attitude, or you can follow the FB founder attitude by inserting these symbols: :v. Facebook smileys are cool simply because they follow the vibes of the generation next. They help you to speak from hearty to heart. The smileys on facebook allow all FB users to distinguish themselves from the humdrum and recreate their individuality over the virtual dimension. Curl your lips like the FB emoticons and get close to friends and families living miles apart. Life never pulls at the reins, so why should you, speak to your heart’s content? Use Facebook smileys to contribute the cool FB trend.

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