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    Facebook Smileys – Shortcuts for Facebook Smileys

    There are many shortcuts to create Facebook smileys instead of going to the Facebook smileys list and inserting them from there. It is the combination of colons, semicolons, comma, hyphens, brackets and more.

    The short cut for smile is :-) or :), for tongue is :-P or :P, for grin is :-D, for curly lips is :3. The short cut for wink is ;-) or ;). The other shortcut for confused is o.O or O.o. These short cuts for smileys are used so that you can type in them and let the other understand what they mean. The gasp shortcut is:-O or :O or :-o or :o. The grin shortcut has many symbols which includes:-D or :D or =D. You will love to use the shortcuts for Facebook smileys.

    The squint shortcut is -_-. You will also love using the :/ or :-/ or :\ or :-\ unsure. Frown has many shortcuts like :-( or :( or :[ or =( . Some of the other Facebook smileys that use shortcuts like :’( for cry and ^_^ for KiKi and O:) or O:-) for Angel.

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