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    Facebook Smileys: Shark & Devil

    Since the movie Jaws, the sharks have been popular with young as well as the old. The shark represents danger and is the cause of fear. This is now one of the most famous Facebook emoticon smileys. When chatting with your friends if you can sense danger in anything and want to caution to your friend about it, then just insert the shark smiley. It is enough to make your friend beware of something.

    The Devil, 3:), is on the contrary is of much use when you want to tell someone how much you hate and paranoid with someone who wants to propose to you. Use the devil emoticon and your message is signaled. Sometimes, the devil is used as a contrasting chat conversation with the angel.

    Facebook smileys are the best when it comes to avoiding the avalanche of words and getting your message clear. These are also known as the Facebook emoticon smileys which are the pictorial representation and are easy to express. Chatting becomes easier with the Facebook chat smileys. You will love the way you write and insert the smileys. They make your work easier and refine your newer version of chatting technique.

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