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    FaceBook Chat Smileys: Let Him Know Exactly How You Feel

    Since the introduction of chat, Facebook’s popularity has soared sky high, because the chat is a wonderful tool to bring people together, to ensure that they can converse in private. And with the introduction of FaceBook smileys, chats have become even more popular because of how much a smiley can convey. A Facebook smiley can be useful because it helps us to make one realize how exactly that person feels about the other person. Want to pull a friend’s leg and laugh about it? One can crack the joke and then type in the tongue exposing emoticon or the teeth exposing one!

    Smileys on Facebook can also help a person to convey exact feelings for the other person. If he is irritating or disturbing, one can always insert the grumpy emoticon and tell how irritating the person is. Or if it’s a heart to heart and certain “soft” feelings need to be conveyed to him, the heart sign can be inserted, an emoticon which works in all situations. With the introduction of these smileys, Facebook allows its users to convey exact feelings towards the other person, which makes these Facebook chat smileys even more brilliant and fun to use.

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