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    Facebook Smileys – The 6 Hottest Smileys

    The sunglasses is a Facebook chat smiley that represents the geeky style. It epitomizes the Gen Y aura. You will love using the sunglasses smiley if you want to express your own style. It establishes the style statement that you show.

    The squint smiley is one of the most mischievous Facebook smileys. It defines the mischief air to your eyes that add to the spice. The grin is another most famous and intensely used Facebook smileys. It shows how happy you are and you need to open your mouth to express happiness.

    The kiss smiley is used to express love. Amongst the various Facebook smileys, the kiss is commonly used for showing to loved partner that how much you love him. The kiss is a complete dictionary of love words that you can better express than write.

    When smileys are in abundance, use them to improve your chat online. The tongue shows that you are poking fun at your friend. It is light tone and is very peppy to use as one of the most popular Facebook smileys. The confused smiley is used when you are at loss as to what to do. You simply use the smiley.

    Facebook Smileys | Facebook Chat Emoticons Grandpa Smileys

    There are many Facebook smileys referred to as the grandfather smileys. They are categorized as the facial expressions minus smile. The grumpy smiley is the expression which shows that you do not like something and is really disappointed with it. Therefore, instead of expressing in words and worsening the situation then apply the grumpy smiley.

    The Confused smiley is one of the most useful Facebook smileys. Sometimes if you are confused of a situation and do not know what to do then insert the confused smiley, your friend will get the answer and he or show will know how to handle the situation.

    The smile and wink are also referred to as the grandfather Facebook smileys. The smile is used when you are happy or the wink to express the mischievous air looming in you. It adds to the fun and your friend will love the way you have reacted to a situation and the way you are expressing it.

    The cry explains that you are sad and you want to cry. But a crying situation cannot be explained in words and therefore use the cry smiley and it will say it all. You will love the different Facebook smileys that will convey the various meanings.

    Facebook Smileys: Facebook Emoticon Glasses

    Words solely spoil the charm of expression. If you want to emphasize and prove your point, you need to buckle up your online chat. But the question is how? Facebook has introduced a simple formula to make things easier for you. You will love to insert the Facebook smileys that have their own wonder and power to seep into the minds and create that impression which words can truly cast its spell.

    You will love the glasses that have a special meaning to it. Glasses are cool and with them on your nose it might feel a little burdening, but flaunting it online has that charisma about it. Just think of the pair of cool glasses or sunglasses and how they represent the Gen Y. Glasses should be considered as the trendy version of the youth who love to define a style statement created by them.

    Facebook emoticon smileys are all cool and represent the best of emotions. But you will love it when you have the power to wield them in between the conversation. You will love using the Facebook chat smileys and see how they loom magic. You will love the way to exchange feelings.

    Facebook Smileys | Smile, Wink & Grin Smileys

    The three Facebook smileys: smile, wink and grin are most commonly used. You will love the effect of the three Facebook emoticon smileys and how it brings smile on the person’s face with whom you are chatting. The smile is simple and looks like :-). It is a smile that takes to pacify tension and revive friendship with your friends. A good morning wish with the smiley is all that takes to lend that personal touch to your friend.

    The grin is the broader version of the smile smiley. The image shows, :D , which means you are expressing your smile with an open mouth flashing your teeth. This looks you are in open arms to greet your friend for a joke or for the simplest chat that you are having. It just takes a grin to lighten up burdening situation and make your friends feel happier and easier to mingle with.

    The facebook chat smileys are helpful when you think that words cannot send your message clear. The small faces work wonder with a more emphatic significance. The wink is one such smiley that has a sweet touch to it. It lingers on to your imagination with a mischief hint sent by your friend. You will love the wink and definitely be in wonder what your friend is up to this time.

    Facebook Smileys: Cry & Upset

    Cry looks like :’(. This is the Facebook smiley or the chat smiley that is used to express your feeling of sorrow when you are sad. Insert the emoticon when you are sad instead of writing or explaining in words. You will love to make it short and simple when you are just not in the mood.

    The Facebook emoticon smileys are used when you are running out of time. Facebook chat smileys are the best way of expressing your state of mind and letting your friend understand the situation and show the reaction. The cry emoticon helps when you are really sad by an incident and want to tell that to your friend.

    The upset is another form of Facebook emoticon. It looks like >:) and the facial features signify that you are really confused of a situation and want help. If you are utterly worried and seek help then send in the upset and your friend will understand.

    Facebook smileys are easy to use and are in a way to helpful in making you realize that chatting online can be really easy if you use the facials. The Facebook smileys are many so improve your conversation and make things simpler for yourself.

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