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    Facebook Smileys: Chris Putnam

    Chris Putnam is the engineer of Facebook. He is the person behind the designing of the ultimate social networking site. His icon is the only face amongst all other Facebook smileys. Therefore it conveys a unique message amidst different Facebook chat smileys. Whenever you mean something iconic or if you want to relate to someone important, then you can use that icon in a very convenient manner. You can put Chris Putnam’s smiley whenever you want to mention about someone who deserves a special attention or someone who is a figure of importance in your life. This icon has a special importance amongst all other Facebook chat smileys.

    You can use his smiley for person who has a special place is your life or who is worth mentioning. Chris Putnam himself is an iconic figure and needs no introduction. Therefore his icons are mostly used in those places to signify the person who is extremely intelligent or successful, to signify his/ her importance. These icons have manifold meaning and have their own importance. Facebook smileys add more meaning to the chat sessions. They have their own place in terms of different smileys and should be considered special.

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