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    Facebook Smileys: Surround Your Friends with Smileys

    Facebook has often been called the ultimate social networking experience because not only does it offer the best possible social networking experience but also offers chat facilities which really help people in conversing with each other. Since Facebook smileys are regularly used in chats, people can use them numerous times with any number of friends they are conversing with. People can surround their friends with smileys and make the atmosphere of chatting an informal one, like an actual conversation. Facebook chat smileys can be used any number of times with any number of friends. Since it is free of charge, people can use smileys more often and make friendship over Facebook a serious bond of sorts, a bond which is informal and carefree but important nonetheless.

    Conversations with friends must be informal in a funny sort of way, which is the defining base of friendship. Facebook firmly believes in that and hence allows one to use surround his or her friends with smileys of all sorts. Smileys for Facebook ranging from a simple smile to a mischief making tongue displaying one, a toothy grin to a wink, Facebook has a range of smileys in its arsenal which helps its users to get closer to each other.

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