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    Facebook Chat Smileys – Smile and Wink

    By now you must be aware of the chat options in Facebook, now it’s your turn to explore new domains to enhance your chatting experience. Facebook is geared to enhance the way you communicate with its smileys and emoticons. You might want to share a wink or just smile. Facebook smileys are designed in such a way to propagate the same through combinations of known symbols. Smileys can enhance the personality trait of your communication while adding a sense of humor to your expressed view. You can speak at your will and you can create a specific identity of your own. Many people are still confused about how to insert Facebook smileys into their communication. The answer is pretty simple.

    Facebook smiley emoticons can be used very easily from a gallery of emoticons available on the net. Though Facebook chat emoticons are not the only ones available on the net still the crispy, light and plain nature of the smileys make them the coolest one on the net. For example the wink emote in Facebook portrays the surprising element about a secret which might not be known by all. In that respect the Facebook wink smiley sends a special message in chat.

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