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    Experience a Virtual Smile with Facebook Smileys

    With growing prominence of Facebook and its increased usability, almost everyone is being a part of this wonderful experience of virtual smile through Facebook smileys. They are so helpful to determine different moods of a person over this virtual platform. Facebook chat smileys are very easy tool which is used to show your near and dear ones the things you like and the ones you don’t. For example if you are in a good mood then you can start off a conversation with a happy face smiley or a grin like this. Whereas if your mood is bad then you can put up your status message with a crying smiley or an upset smiley like . If in case you are in a flirtatious mood then you can always wink or pass a heart to your friends on Facebook chat smileys.

    To show your attitude and anger you have different smileys like sunglass smiley or the anger smiley. Each Facebook smileys has a different message to convey and each message relates different experience altogether. To use this facility to the utmost you do not have to read fat books. Just go through the applications and experience the whole new virtual world. You can also share this with your friends.

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