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    Christmas Facebook Smileys | Smileys for Santa

    Facebook smileys are apt to sent delightful messages to your near and dear ones this Christmas, negating the physical distances that come in between. You surely believe that Santa is not about a old man chanting “ho ho ho” and getting gifts from the North Pole. It is about spreading the basis human emotions and celebrating the birth of our lord. Include Facebook chat smileys to tell your old friends at Facebook, how you care for their well being. Your roommate is gone to another state and misses the fun he used to have with you. You can cheer him up with heart warming emoticons like the smile, the grin and the wink to say nothing has changed since he left, and that you all are waiting for him to come back soon.

    Your older cousin is not going to make it to the grand feast on Christmas Eve. Keep up with her through Facebook smileys on Facebook chat and make her feel as if she is indeed at home even being too far from it. The Facebook emoticons turn your boring chat sessions into dramatic conversations so make sure to tell each one of the online buddies about the Christmas preparations you are taking up and how the countdown is driving your family mad!

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