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    FB Smileys | Smileys are Contagious

    Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site today and almost every second person is today on FB. Facebook is like a mini world, where we all are its citizens irrespective of race, color, sex or creed. Since facebook is highly popular, attempts are being made to upgrade it even more and more. Hence it is constantly being constantly upgraded and new features are being added to make it look all the more attractive to its users. One of these colorful and beauty enhancing features is the Facebook smileys. These smileys have become highly popular and they are considered to be extremely popular and smileys are contagious- a truth which needs no explanation. The facebook users make use of these smilyes to make representations of different types of emotions.

    These Facebook smileys help to make the conversation of facebook lively and real hence its popularity. The chat box of facebook offers different types of chat smiley options and these are constant up gradation on the look of these smileys. New set of spring smileys for Facebook are being introduced to meet the requirements of the users. The facebook users have great expectations from this site; hence, constant attempt is being made to live up to the expectation.

    Facebook Smileys Give You A Better Chat Session

    FaceBook chat smileys aim to bring people much closer, and the smileys which are a part of FaceBook chat ensure that the chat session is a better one. Smileys give a better chat session by ensuring that the conversation always remains a light hearted one and the emotions which cannot be conveyed through words are conveyed through the emoticons. As we know a smile can say a million words, similarly FaceBook chat smileys speak a lot through their representation. It is not possible for a conversation to be interesting if it is not accompanied by some humor and the lighter a conversation, the better everyone feels.

    Facebook smileys provide a better chat session because even by discussing about them, chat sessions become better and interesting. Smileys for Facebook not only take the load off from a conversation and bring people together. But when a new smiley is discovered, people start talking about it and the chat session itself becomes more interesting. The aim of FaceBook chat is to ensure that the people who are chatting come close to each other with the help of social networking. FaceBook chat smileys ensure that and by using them, or merely by discussing about them, the chat session becomes better, thus making FaceBook chat successful.

    Facebook Smileys | Pique Friends’ Interest With Facebook Smileys

    The best thing about FaceBook chat is undoubtedly the introduction of smileys. And it will be a big mistake to say that a smiley or an emoticon only eases the tension in a conversation or conveys exact emotions to the other person. Facebook Smileys can be used for various purposes, primarily by peeking friends’ interest by using a smiley or an emoticon. FaceBook has a lot of smileys, but it is relatively unknown to its users hence the exchange of Facebook smileys and piquing friends’ interest with new smileys for Facebook is very common amongst all users.

    There are a lot of smileys which are relatively unknown to FaceBook users. Apart from the common smileys such as the smiling emoticon or the grinning emoticon, there are smileys which are not known to many people. So when someone gets to know about a new smiley, he or she can peek his or her friends’ interest by introducing them the new smiley. Relatively lesser known FaceBook chat smileys such as the penguin or the robot can be used to peek friends’ interest and then it becomes a fun ride. Friends will want to learn about it and then the smiley can be discussed, bringing people much closer, which after all is the ultimate aim of FaceBook.

    FaceBook Chat Smileys: Let Him Know Exactly How You Feel

    Since the introduction of chat, Facebook’s popularity has soared sky high, because the chat is a wonderful tool to bring people together, to ensure that they can converse in private. And with the introduction of FaceBook smileys, chats have become even more popular because of how much a smiley can convey. A Facebook smiley can be useful because it helps us to make one realize how exactly that person feels about the other person. Want to pull a friend’s leg and laugh about it? One can crack the joke and then type in the tongue exposing emoticon or the teeth exposing one!

    Smileys on Facebook can also help a person to convey exact feelings for the other person. If he is irritating or disturbing, one can always insert the grumpy emoticon and tell how irritating the person is. Or if it’s a heart to heart and certain “soft” feelings need to be conveyed to him, the heart sign can be inserted, an emoticon which works in all situations. With the introduction of these smileys, Facebook allows its users to convey exact feelings towards the other person, which makes these Facebook chat smileys even more brilliant and fun to use.

    Facebook Smileys: Make Chatting A Fun Experience

    FaceBook, the hottest and the most popular Social Networking site offers the benefit of chatting, bringing its users even closer. The site does support a lot of Facebook smileys and emoticons, thus ensuring that the chat brings the respective people closer and helps display the emotions on screen with the help of the emoticons. When a person is chatting with a friend online, often it is difficult to display or convey emotions through words. So often when a conversation has amused one of the users, he or she can use a Facebook smileys and emoticons to show that the conversation is really appreciated.

    Facebook Smileys really make chatting a fun experience because of the message a single smiley conveys. A single smiley, however serious a conversation is ensures that there always remains a level of lightness in the conversation. Facebook being a Social Networking tool, always aims at bringing people closer. So in order to make chatting a more fun experience, Facebook chat smileys have been introduced so that no conversation, whatever be its nature or content becomes too serious. A smile or a grin or a tongue displaying smile always ensures that the chat remains a fun and memorable experience.

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